Friday, May 05, 2006

Picture of the Week(s)

May 7th (since I'll be gone)

May 14th (again since I'll be gone)

Hey Anderfans!!! Since I'll be gone for 2 Sundays in Russia, I've updated the Picture of the Weeks up until then! Enjoy!!!


phebe said...

Udachi i khoroshego nastroeniya! Zhelayu vsego khoroshego. Do svidaniya!

(Good luck and keep well. I wish you all the best. Good bye.)

My Russian is terrible, but you get the idea. Have a safe journey and tons of fun!

Rita said...


Spa 'siba!!! (i think that's right lol)

Thank you! I'll make sure to blog all about it when i return!!!

AndysGirl said...

Thanks for the great pictures but since you are the one going away, shouldn't we be giving you presents?

anyway, have a great time and don't tell them about our Anderbabe, we dont' need any more competition or have him moving off to live in Russia. Have a great trip.