Friday, May 19, 2006

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Fellow Anderfans:

If you believe in what Anderson Cooper is doing for the gulf coast, then PLEASE, do this! The help for these people is long overdue, especially, when it come to the essential basics of housing and debris removal. How can these people rebuild their lives, if they don't have this!

Give the Help That You Would Want Given to You!

For those who are not aware of this letter writing campaign and those who are just now being introduced to it, the only "politics" involved in this effort is the politics of compassion and honesty! This is a non-partisan effort! It's not about fingerpointing at Republicans or Democrats. They have both had an equal share in making a mess of things.

A petition has been incorporated into our website. Please sign and share the info with friends and family members.

Click to Sign Petition

Please help and send these links to as many people and contacts as possible!

Keeping them Honest Website

The organizers of this project are women of varying political and religious affiliations. The purpose of this campaign is to encourage people to speak up, speak out, hold elected officials accountable and motivate them to take action. Your efforts can help over one million people get their lives back!

It's time we all stop quarterbacking from the sofa. Time we all get in the game!

Participation in this project says nothing of your politics, but speaks volumes about your heart!

Keeping them Honest Website

Please speak out to help the survivors, mourners and victims of Gulf Coast hurricane Katrina. They need your voice! Call, write or fax your elected officials. For more information visit: to help today!

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AndysGirl said...

Thanks for posting this, I just signed the petition myself.