Friday, May 05, 2006


WOOOHOOO My Spurs play tonight!!!! This is a defining game meaning if the Spurs when they take the series and will move on to play the Dallas Mavs (who happen to sweep their series 4-0) If the Kings when then the series will go back to San Antonio for a Game 7! So lets go Spurs, lets end this tonight!!!

Im going to miss most of 360 tonight :( due to the game, and I have tons of packing to do and still have to get some last minute things together, but I will definately be flipping channels during commercials and half time lol!

Well take care everyone, and I will talk to you soon!!!

Get 'em Tim!!!!

That's my Gino!!!

Slice and Dice Tony!!!

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xtina said...

Congrtaulations Rita ! If the Bulls can't be in it, I'm wishing Spurs GO ALL THE WAY BABY !!