Friday, May 26, 2006

My Spurs may be out...

BUT, I can't help but think about certain aspects of the Spurs-mavs series.

This was brought up in a forum that I'm involved with, and it really makes you think:

Written by a sports columnist regarding the recent Spurs/Mavs series:

We've also seen an owner stoop to new lows by encouraging fans to boo a former Mavs player who represented his team and organization with nothing but class during his eight-year tenure, was susbsequently released by that team, and now somehow is a villain. It was also apparently Michael Finley's fault that Jason Terry's uppercut found Finley's private parts. Can you imagine Peter Holt urging Spurs fans to boo Avery Johnson?

Can we say unsportsman like conduct to the extreme?! OMG!! Finley is a great player, and I'm pretty sure a lot of sweat from working hard was dropped on that court, and it probably paid off even though the Mavs never did advance to win a title. Hard work, and dedication does not warrant boo's from the fans in my opinion. It just goes to show that the classless owner, has brought the Mavs fans to an all time low! Yes, I know other organizations have done the same thing, BUT this is the first time it has been brought to the light, and it wouldn't have happened if the owner and some dignity and respect for the opposing teams.

Maybe, I'm just totally off on this seeing as how I play for an organization whose core principles are: Respect, Integrity, Responsibility, Servant Leadership, and Sportmanship

I dont know, I mean I know some pretty awesome Mav fans, and I actually had a new respect for the Mavs, but after everything that the owner has done, that respect is gone. I dont even care that the Mavs are from Texas, and I always said that if my Spurs were to lose, that I would cheer on the Texas team.

For Finleys sake, I hope Phx takes the series, and send that ignorant Cuban back to Dallas. Just wait until next season buddy, my Spurs and Finley will be back with a vengence!

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