Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I still love my SPURS!

Well, my Spurs lost game 7 in OT. I could go on and on about how the refs didn't call crucial calls BUT I'm not going to become one of those fans. I'm very proud of my Spurs coming back after being down by 20 points, to giving the Mavs a run for their money! So to all my Spurs out in San Antone, thanks for a GREAT season, and we're still the better team and you still have the best fans in the world!

To all you bandwagon fans out there that decided to leave early and give up on the Spurs, go root for Dallas or Detroit who ever happens to be winning at the time! I still love my SPURS!!!

Have a great off-season, and can't wait until next season!!!

EDIT:Gaah, can the Mavs fans get any more immature?! Sheesh!


sfacfan said...

Be proud of them...at least they aren't the Golden State Warriors:-)(which explains why I am not a basketball fan at the moment!)

Rita said...

sfacfan: Oh, no doubt I'm very proud of my Spurs, and I'll continue to sport my black, silver and white proudly! You can't win them all, you have to put the loss behind you and just wait until next season!

Grace said...


Rita said...

I dont think Det can handle the Mavs actually now that I think about it lol Dal is too fast, I mean c'mon the Cavs gave Det a run for the money, and they only have ONE good player! lol I dont know who I'm rootin for now.

xtina said...

Congratulations on a fabulous season Rita!