Saturday, May 20, 2006

Never underestimate the heart of a champion..

Now that's what I'm talking about baby!!! My Spurs defeated the Mavs 91-86 forcing a game 7 back in San Antone!! Ginobili had 30 points, 10 rebounds and 3 steals. Duncan also had a huge game with 24 (I believe) points, Finley hit some major 3s and played with tons of passion against his former team. Although Parker struggled throughout most of the game, he made some key plays, as well as hitting 2 crucial freethrows with 5 seconds left in the game.

Added content:
Ok, so this isn't directed to the Mavs fans, but more to their owner, who in my opinion made some very unnecessary comments that I personally reflect poorly on the entire Mav organization. IMO if you are "in charge" of an organization, you're actions, and words reflect those that you are "in charge" of, therefor you should really watch what you do and what you say concerning certain issues. Am I right or am I totally off on that one?!

This is the comment that I am talking about: "Theres not going to be one fan in there that doesnt believe that we can kick their butt all the way back to that ugly-ass, muddy-watered thing they call a Riverwalk."

Sheesh, I'm not even from San Antone and that made me mad! lol Don't get me wrong even though Cuban's comment reflects very poorly on the entire Mav organization I do realize that there are still some class act people involved-such as Avery Johnson who said he disagreed with the statement.

Monday's game is going to be INTENSE! I can't wait!! GO SPURS GO!!


the book faerie said...

personally, i'm pulling for cleveland. but i do like the spurs! i was living in austin when they won their first championship...i think almost everyone in the state became a spurs fan!

Rita said...

lol yeah, i wonder how many actually stick around when they didn't win *raises hand* lol i've had so many ppl hate on the spurs this season when they were losing, but its all good in the hood g lol that was weird...

phebe said...

Well the Suns have game 7 tonight also. Maybe we'll see a face off in the next round? I haven't followed basketball since the Suns traded Sir Charles so I'm not up on who comes next for either of our teams, if they advance. Good luck to you and your Spurs!