Friday, May 19, 2006

For the Record

With the events of the past few days, I have to make one thing clear, this blog is dedicated to Anderson Cooper but is not meant to be scrutinized as a blog written by a delusional fan. A recent article was written labeling fans of Anderson Cooper, and I quote '...half-baked middle-aged women who call themselves "Anderholics" declare their overall love for Cooper by chatting about such things...'

Although this article has a very negative connotation toward us fans, some points seem legit. It does make you think how much is too much. Yes I will openly admit Anderson Cooper is an extremely attractive man, and even after the article I will continue to admit that.


AndysGirl said...

Hey Rita,

For the record has some good points. I do have a question I hope somebody can answer or explain to me. Why is it okay for guys to drool, blubber, and fawn over Pamela Anderson and others but when women do it all of a sudden there is something wrong with it?

Does anyone remember Suzanne Somers from "Three's Company"? She was on a talk show and the guy(celebrity) sitting next to her put his hand down the front of her dress. Amazingly, no one protested or condemned him in the smallest way. That's totally unacceptable from either gender. From what I've seen so far, no one is invading Anderson's space except maybe Gawker!

That's the last of it and I hope all have a good weekend looking forward to AC's book. Also, I think he is going to be on 60 minutes this Sunday honoring Mike Wallace.

sfacfan said...

If those people are "half baked", I must be fulled whacked, and I am happy to be associtated with all of them!!

Grace said...

Why Andysgirl? Because women aren't suppose to act like that. It's the good old boys network. You know boys will be boys and that's it, they are acting like little boys who giggle over Playboy and not like gentlemen. There are only two guys I know who really treat women like they should be treated - one is Anderson and the other is a guy I dated(he kinda looked like Andy)

the book faerie said...

do you remember the "stud scud" from desert storm???? remember all the fuss about him?? if the 'net was around then as it is today (yes, i know it was around then, just not to the same level as now), can you imagine the stuff that would have been written??

Grace said...

book faerie you mean Arthur Kent. He was really a hottie and yes if the web was so sofisticated back then as it is now he too would be blogged about.

Anonymous said...

I think the rock star status
of Anderson is a little bit unsettling for a lot of news biz
people. It just usauly does not
happen with news personalities.Sure others like
Brokaw and the late Peter Jennings
have been in several mags but this
is on a whole nother level. I just
have to beleive that some recent or
not so recent headlines problaby
have people around Anderson and CNN
concerned. There are a lot of AC haters out there and if someone would actually blog where he lives
or hangs out it could spell trouble. I don't think this is a possibility for true Anderfans.
But remember what happened with
John Lennon . He signed an autogragh for someone he thought
was a fan and was assassinated. John Hinkley tried kill a president
to impress Jodie Foster. There is
even some buzz that some people have been as irresponsible as
to blog where he lives. That is
just wrong. I wonder if this might
be the reason they changed the direction of the show for Oprah
this Tuesday. My guess is since
there were plenty of anti- Anderson
bloggers providing a link to Oprah's website that some of the responses were more than unkind.And perhaps they feared a possible situation outside Harpo
Studios. Look I have been around
a lot of big anchors in the biz.
And I can tell you a lot of what
some says or did not say can be printed as truth even though it is
not. Remeber blogs are not facts(no slap intended). But I know from
firsthand knowledge that there has
been some things showing up on blogs that would make me concerned
and I am not even Anderson. Recently, they even tried to slam
him for a photo with his mom. So
remember just like there is a lot
of love for Anderson there is just
as much hate. I personally believe
that there is one so-callded televion website that hates Anderson so badly they would print
anything anti-Anderson without any
regard for his privacy or safety. I won't say the name because I think the people behing the blog
are scum. So for a moment put yourself in Anderson's shoes. It's
nothing wrong with being a fan
but I must say some recent episodes
beginning with Oprah to Gawker Stalker and snipping bother me.
I'm starting to sense hate and anger. That's totally not what
Anderson is about. I thought that
was why everyone's favorite anchor.
He's rarity in the news biz in this
day and time.We have more than
enough cable news anchors being
hateful and disrespectful AC does
not play the game. So maybe we should not either.

xtina said...

Where, in any posts on any AnderForums do you sense hate and anger, "anonymous?" You also said you see "hateful and disrespectful" posts. Where? First you objected to the sexual nature of the posts, now you're sensing hate and anger. I think you're grasping at straws. There's an underlying motive to your posts. Surely, "anonymous", if you get around "alot of the big anchors in the biz," you must have a full, exciting social calendar that will prevent you from visiting fan sites in the future. These sites are fun, positive places, so please take your angst and frustration elsewhere. And your last sentence HA! : Who are you to tell "us" how "we" should or shouldn't act? xtina

Anonymous said...

CNN was informed of the Funhouse web site (and a few other sites)about 2 weeks ago. Mike Justice sent an advanced copy of the article in addition to printed material which included e-mails and printoffs. At the time of receiving the article all of the links worked.

Other information about some of the forum members was learned which was a little more startling but Mike chose to leave it out. There is a little more to this story than the reader realizes.

Could there be a connection to Oprah's producer canceling the "Anderson inspiration" segment and information about one or two of these members?

Anonymous said...

Drama, drama, drama.....dont we all just feel like we are in high school again?!

Anonymous said...

What is Xtina talking about. I think she has her anonymous' mixed
up. The post clearly says televison
websites not forums. What gives you
the impression the writer was talking about being in a social environment with news anchors.
They do work on daily newscasts
ane every program has dozen of
staff members who work on shows.
I don't see the word sex once in all of the words and I think anonymous was refering to anti-Anerson bloggers , not pro-Anderson bloggers. There are both
elements in the blogspere.