Thursday, May 18, 2006


Whoohoo this is the 100th post!!!! Man the Spurs-mavs series has been tough!!! My Spurs pulled through tonight making it a 2-3 series!!

This series reminds me of the finals last year! remember when everyone counted the Spurs out after losing game 4?! We all learned from last years finals that the Spurs are extremely tough mentally can come through when everyone else counts them out.

BUT! Now the pressure is on Dal imo. Charles said it best: "If Dallas comes in here and loses like this, then goes home and loses, mentally they will be fried and will not win game 7."

"It's not about talent, its about heart, its about who can go out there and play the you have to go out there and take it!"Coach Don Haskins (Glory Road) Gino played with tons or passion tonight and reminded me of my favorite quote!

Keep the Faith!!! Whoohooo what an ending to a great night!

EDIT: How could I not include Anderson in the 100th post?!?! What was I thinking?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Well we've all noticed the new tie, and I like it! He's looked pretty amazing as of late, even more so that I wasn't able to see him for 2 weeks!! I read the VF article on the way back from Dallas on Monday, and it was great!!

"At times I feel like a failure, as if I'm not up to the responsibility. At night, when I try to sleep, I go over the questions I've asked interview subjects, the wording, the accuracy. Did I stutter and stammer and beat around the bush? Was I fair? Was I too emotional? Did I give the guest a chance to answer? Did I let him ramble on too much? Did I get spun? I worry that our cameras are not capturing enough. I worry that I'm letting New Orleans down." VF pg 183

After reading that I let out a huge sigh, and sat there thinking about what it meant. This just gives me another reason to love Anderson-he's human, he has doubts, he has convictions. If it's any consolation Anderson, I dont see you as failure, you are one of the few people that actually care about NOLA and it's citizens. Keep up the great work!

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