Thursday, May 25, 2006

My Dispatch Opinion (non spoiler edition

Ok, so I haven't gotten my Dispatches from the Edge book, but I did get my audio book! And even though I wanted to read before I listened,I couldn't resist!!! Let me tell you, being able to listen to Anderson telling his story is amazing!! He had be crying, and laughing and I'm not even finished with disc 1!!!

At one point, he was quoting his Sri Lankan guide and he even changed his voice and spoke with an accent!

I found it hilarious!!The audio book is FIVE discs and approx. 6 hours!!!
I bet the book is amazing to read, but there is just something about hearing Anderson narrate it.

Feel free to let me know your general opinions, seeing as this is my non-spoiler edition; I personally dont mind spoilers but I know not everyone feels that way!


Libus said...

I was trying told hold out and read the book before I listened to him read the book, but I couldn't wait either -

I listened to it at work on Wednesday and laughed and cried - probably a good thing I work alone or people woulda been all WTF is wrong with her!

phebe said...

I'm reading the book first but those damn cd's are calling out to me. Have a road trip planned for next week and I'm trying to save them so Anderson can keep my company while I travel. BTW the book is a fairly quick read.

AndysGirl said...

Hey Rita

I have the audio book as well and I loved when he changed his voice and spoke with an accent. I listened to the whole first disc that first day.

Phebe, I started out with the same theory, listen while I drive. However, today I had to go and mail a letter and I was up to the part about Hurricane Katrina. It got that i was bawling my eyes out; I didn't want to keep driving because I knew in short order I wouldn't be able to see. On the other hand if I came home crying my eyes out my Mom would wonder what the heck was going on. She doesn't cry at books or movies or anything like that. She wouldn't understand. You might want to figure out from the book which chapters are tear proofed and listen to those while on the road.
Have fun on your trip and be safe.

Rita, have a good weekend and I'll talk to you soon. By the way, the show was pretty good tonight, after crying all day I was glad he snuck a few laughs in there.!

the book faerie said...

i finished the book last night & LOVED it. i have the audio book as well, but don't have a cd player in the car. i need some time when I can listen to it at home!