Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My NBA ramblings.....

Ok, so I'm sitting here waiting for the Phx-Dal game to tip off, and here are my thoughts:

To make this a series Nash has to get into the lane, split the D to open up opportunities, as well as execute the pick-and-roll effectively!

"blah blah blah blah blah"-Mark Cuban- I'm sorry folks, but I just have no respect for that man! I was cringing throughout his entire interview, and wondering where in the world he got those blue plaid shorts and WHY in the world the bought them!

I have to agree with what Charles said, the owner shouldn't be on the bench during the game. Any owner, the bench is where the coaching staff and the players should be only, shouldn't have any distractions imho as always!

I dont know who to go for at the moment. I like Phx, and Nash. I like Avery Johnson and would be happy to see him make a difference but it's ppl like Cuban who influences my decision and hope Phx takes it....

Anywho, who are the officials in this game?! I hope its not Baveta or whatever his name is...I just dont think he's in his prime reffing years anymore and should retire, he calls bogus calls and lets the calls that should be called slide...I know you cant see everything on the court but gaah call the obvious fouls!!

Oh yeah, how about them Miami boys?! Going up 1-0 against Detroit!!!
Well thats all for now.....

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