Thursday, June 12, 2008

Anderson Blogs From Cameroon

I thought I'd blog in jungle green today in honor of Anderson's trek into the forest with epidemiologist Nathan Wolfe. He didn't include anything personal in today's blog, unfortunately. I don't blame him after all the judgemental comments after his last blog. To read the entire blog and find out what he's up to, click on the link:

image by Jeff Hutchens,AC360 blog
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I know it's late, but here is the picture of the week. It comes from the slideshow posted on the AC360 blog. Usually I don't care for black & white pictures, but these are extraordinary. Enjoy!

image by Jeff Hutchens, Dispatches from Rwanda
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Anonymous said...

OMG! The muscles in the first pic is hmmmm!!!

Journalist Girl said...

wow great shots YUMMM:)

Anonymous said...

I for one love black and white shots you can see much more detail. There are a few from Hurricane Rita that appear to be B/W but according to Anderson there was an absence of light so they were color but appear B/W those are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Aw that last one looks like the poor man is about to keel over. He is so exhausted. It bugs me that he had to take sleeping pills. I though he could sleep anywhere?

Got biceps much? Yikes! Ginormous!

AndysGirl said...

I think when we see those shots of him sleeping "anywhere", it's because he is totally exhausted and just can't stay awake anymore. Sleeping on schedule and during normal hours when traveling and suffering jet lag is a different story. I have the same problem when I have to go somewhere and get up earlier than I'm used. I can't fall asleep cause I'm fretting over how I'm going to wake up on time. The more you worry about it, the more you can't fall asleep. It's frustrating.