Wednesday, June 25, 2008

not politics as usual

Of course there were politics on last night's 360 but this timeut the story had an interesting twist. The had a panel on analysing Barack Obama's comments and the comments made by Dr James Dobson. I am NOT a fam of Al Sharpton at all, but I must say that he, Roland Martin and Tony Perkins all had some decent, respectful dialogue last night. Often when the topic is politics and religionand one has three very diverse views on the air together fireworks errupt . But this did not happen on the show last night. Kudos to the men involved for not turing that 360 segment into a screaming match. It was also noted that AC was used as a rhetotical example during this dialogue. I am not sure how Coop felt about having his stake in the hereafter discussed on international television, but he handled it well.

We all know that Don Imus is a bigot.

Gary T is still wearing wader pants in the Midwest.

Erica is back and she tried imitating the models on the " Price is Right" using the new beat 360 t shirts.

Enjoy the screen cap!

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