Tuesday, June 17, 2008

B and W Coop

I dunno if you all have seen this one o yet or not. I hate to sound all fangurly, but the man is just beautiful, both inside and outside. Have any of you all checked out his " Reporters' Notebook" on cnn.com today? Go do so if you have not yet.
He looks so pensive in this photo.
The 360 blog says that the Coop shall be back tonight. Read the " Morning Buzz" entry for today and see for yourself.


Chris said...

I agree that Anderson is beautiful inside and out. I happened to post that picture last Thursday,June 12.

His Reporter's Notebooks are always great, very moving and haunting in a nice sort of way.

Anonymous said...

Great picture. I noticed something lately about Coop, before the Africa trip. I was wondering if anyone else has, let me know? Sometimes, he'll have this look on his face, like a lonely sad look, like he is looking for something and hasn't found it yet, like he lost his bliss. It makes me sad when I see it. It makes me want to be there with him and just hold him in my lap and arms and tell him it will be ok. I can hold him like that forever.

Anonymous said...

his book reveals that there is a soft side to AC.

Anonymous said...

Aww,he looks so sad in that photo.

I love Anderson's Reporter's Notebooks,they are always so moving and thoughtful.

Some of his Katrina ones can still bring me to tears.

He does sometimes get a sad,lonely look on his face,and in those beautiful blue eyes.

It breaks my heart to see him that way,he is such a wonderful,special man,who deserves so much happiness.