Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Imus O MY

Don Imus needs to keep his trap shut. I am not surprised at his blatently racist comments, but I am disgusted by them.

Ok, enough of the story on the teen pregnancy pact. We get the drift. Some girls in Massachusetts wanted babies and apparently did anything to ensure this fate. Move on with the next scandal, shall we? Please!

More politics, but after all this is an election year and the fat cats at CNN think that this is important. Yes the future of our nation is important, but I do not think we viewers need to know every misstep that McCain and Obama make from here on to the general election.

I am not gonna survive until the convetions. let alone all the way until November. I overdosed on politics back in March.


Anonymous said...

I was kind of shocked and concerned about the whole, 'Anderson's a sinner, going to hell!' and 'thanks guys, but I'm not concerned about my afterlife.' remark on the show. Is anyone else?

Rita said...

Anon 11:28 I missed the show but that remark perks my interest. Could you or someone else explain how that came about?

Anonymous said...

that occured when he had the panel on discussing the Obama and faith thing.

I think it was meant to be rhetorical.

Anonymous said...

The point was that Al Sharpton was explaining his position on supporting people's rights. His statement was "I may not aprrove of what you do & it's gonna put you in hell, but I'm going to defend your right to get there."

IMO, this was more about Al Sharpton's point of view and explaining how he fights for civil rights, not necessarily what those rights are.