Friday, June 20, 2008

New Fan Site & 360 review

Yessss, Anderson Cooper fans, there is an awesome new fan site up and running. :)

It can be found at Two of my friends are the webmasters and they have been working hard to make this one of the best new Cooper fan sites on the Internet. Please, if you have time, go check it out. Please leave them feedback.

My verdict? Good work, ladies!

Last night's 360 was one of the best since this political season opened. I am glad to see that it did not TOTALLY focus on politics. The situation in the US heartland is only going to get worse before it gets better. But I appreciate Gary T's reporting from the field( wet as this particular field is right now) Presently I am so sick of Presidential politics that I ALMOST didn't watch 360 last night. In my opinion it is totally unfair to put BOTH candidates' wives under scrutiny. I also liked it when Candy Crawley summed up Obama's reasoning for opting out of using public funds for his campaign. " Duh." Candy is the best , most savvy political reporter that CNN has, and it was fun last night to see her more lighthearted commentary.

The story about the missing feet washing up in Canada is GROSS. Yup, there are some twisted people in this world.

Erica had the night off , and it was fun to see Randi Kaye in the studio with Cooper. I am a big admirer of Randi's work on 360 and glad to see that she is getting some well-deserved face time!She is a hard worker and one of the best correspondents on the 360 team.

Finally, the " Shot" was hilarious. I am glad to see that Gary T has a good sense of humor.

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