Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Campbell Brown

IMHO Campbell Brown is a horrible substitute anchor for AC!


Anonymous said...

I recall a couple months ago people thought the same thing about Erica Hill. Maybe you can do a better job?

Journalist Girl said...

Erica is better than Hill

mizzkel said...

@ "anon 1:17" I personaly don't like Campbell in this setting. At the same time, I don't think she (or anyone else)deserves to be bashed on the live 360 Blog like she was the other night - and I blame the CNN moderator for letting those comments thru.

JG: I think you mean Erica is better than Campbell? I agree. Campbell Brown is out of her element on CNN. She worked well as a morning show talent on Today and as the host of Weekend Today, both fluff shows. She can read the prompter and sub the nightly news for Brian Williams, but she's not quick on her feet like Erica, John King or any other the other subs CNN uses on 360.

Anyhoo, my 2 cents for the afternoon!

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand how much crap the ''moderators'' let through on that live blog,to be honest.

Makes me wonder if they actually exist sometimes.

Most of the comments are people either saying hello to each other,or agreeing with each other,or saying goodnight to each other!

It seems they have all their usual ''regulars'' night in and night out-especially the ''Megans''-who act like they work for 360,or Anderson himself,with their comments!

God forbid you want to ask a legitimate question or something,because THAT will never get on there.

No wonder Anderson does not post there much anymore!

As for sub hosts when Anderson is gone?
I do not watch ANY of them..

That is just my preference,and my opinions only.

Anonymous said...

Didn't your mother tell you if you can't say something nice about someone don't say anything. Or are you just a fangirl who misses her little Andy this week?

Anonymous said...

Don't get me started on the Megans not only do they hog the Live Blog but one thinks she has to report all of the 360 goings on to ACE. To her that is the ultimate Anderson Cooper blog.

Anonymous said...

hi there. first time blogging here. I got posted for the first time tonight on the 360 live blog only once and everyone ecnored me. It was very embarrassing, I'll never do it again. Just wanted to let everyone its not just the regulars but they ecnore the newcomers. Well atleast me. Don't I feel special. lol.

Rita said...

Wow, controversy for once on the blog. I like it actually.

I've always thought this blog was great because people are allowed to have their opinions, unlike other sites where if you don't agree you get your views attacked.

Let's just keep this semi-light hearted. I'm all for debates as long as it's about the issue at hand and not taking a stab at the individual.

Carry on :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I like some bloggers on this site better than others, but never trash talk them. Maybe that's what should be done.

Chris said...

Yikes! It seems we are all a bit on edge. So that's what happens when we go too long with no yummy Anderpictures? I'm sorry 'bout that, my screen capper is still having computer issues.

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything! That's one of my mom's favorite sayings, or at least the one she seemed to use the most.
I'm not sure who is being attacked here, the blogger, the moderator for the AC360 blog, or one of the posters. I don't understand why they put the new hosts on to replace AC. Too many people watch the program only because of him and it's a huge disappointment when you turn it on and find someone subbing. They know Erica is well liked as is John King. I don't know why they don't just stick with the known and stop ramming other people down our throats. I'm sure Campbell is a nice person and maybe even a good anchor, but she's not Anderson and 360 is uniquely his. When Jack Cafferty goes on vacation, they suspend his segment, they never put in a substitute.

Hopefully, Anderson will be back soon and we'll all feel a bit better.

Journalist Girl said...

I like Erica now. Much more than Campbell. Erica is getting much better at what she s doing. I wouldnt , even if I live blogged, bash Campbell there. THats just wrong.