Wednesday, June 18, 2008

He is Baaaaack!

It was a great show last night, in spite of all the politics!

Cooper was in Africa when I was away on vacation. Now that we are both back I shall return to my 360 analyses.

Oh gosh, I am so sick of Obamamania! And CNN's Roland Martin has for sure drunk the Kool-Aid. So has Dave Gergen.

My heart goes out to all the folks affected by the flooding. Kudos to reporters Gary and Dan, I hope they stay safe.

When Gary T brought those trophies to that young woman in Iowa, I teared up. There is an example of a reporter going above the call of duty. Dan Simon also had a good " front lines" report.

Randi Kaye's piece last night was excellent, and I am NOT an Obama fan at all. I think Randi is one of CNN's up-and-coming younger journalists. I'd actually like to see CNN useher more often. She does such good work for 360.

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