Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Its Obama

Well, Anderson was on the CNN political coverage last night, so I watched it. But I cannot say that I am happy with the results of Obama .I think that the " cult of personality" is what brought Obama to the nomination. Although I am NOT A HRC fan, I feel strongly that Obama's political campaign is all rhetoric and no substance. But I do agree with Jeff Toobin, HRC needs to bow out. For better or worse the race for the Dems is over. I thought that Obama's speech was all about style and no substance.

Will he pick HRC as his running mate? Will a " dream ticket" help the Dems in their bid for the White House? John Roberts was at the famous " magic wall" showing viewers what an alleged dream ticket might do for the Dems.
There has been talk of HRC taking this nomination fight all the way to the convention. I hope not, as I know I am not the only American who is sick and tired of endless politics on 360 and other cable news shows.

By the way, our AC clearly does not know what it means to be someone's " boo"! Did you all catch the giggles from the pundit table last night! It was worth watching just to hear that famous giggle and see that smile that Cooper graces viewers with every now and again.

And speaking of Cooper smile, I posted yet another pic of AC and some lucky muppets! Isn't this adorable?

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