Saturday, June 21, 2008

Win a t shirt!

Yes the flooding goes on unchained in the American midwest. Gary T is still up to his nipples in brackish water and its Presidential politics as usual on CNN. But at least the silly season politics is no longer the lead story on 360. Sadly, it take a natural disaser of this magnitude for the 360 bigwigs to forgo politics as usual on the show. Obama of course shall say that the Republicans will pull the race card in the general election. But is he not doing the same? I agree with the Republican strategist Anderson had on the show( but her name eludes me right now) . Barack Obama is one of the biggest racists in public service!

The story on the pregnant teens in Massachusetts set of a fire storm of comments on the live blog. Go read it for yourself, there is actually a worthwhile discussion on there. I do not live blog, but do peruse the comments every day. Usually it is a bunch of baloney, but every now and again there is a good discussion on the live blog.

Tom Foreman, filling in for Erica, made a good first-time appearence on the live blog. I think he added to and kept the conversation there on-topic and fruitful.

Also, starting Monday there will be more incentive to play along with the " Beat 360" game. Winners shall now recieve a ( very cool) " I beat 360" t-shirt! Of course the color is Cooper-eye blue. My hope is that other folks not just the folks who are ALWAYS on the live blog and get posted, will get an opportunity to win these shirts! One of the reasons why I do not participate in the live blogging is that the same peeps hang out there every night and usually dominate the conversation.

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