Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hillary is out: Its official

It is official. Hillary Clinton's camp says she will concede this week. Now I do not support her at all but I sure as anything do not support Obama. But at last this long primary season is OVER! I know I am voting for McCain regardless, and I hope that the rest of the contry comes to its senses regarding Obama.

In a perverted sort of way, I am enjoying " Operation Chaos" .

Yes, I know I am among the minority when it comes to AC viewers. I am decidedly more conservative than most viewers, and I sure as heck am not gonna back down. I have been bullied on Myspace from other Cooper-related groups and am happy to ( as of tonight) not been cyberbullied here.

It pisses me off( sorry for the language) when folks say that Coop is partial to any one party or candidate on his show. I've been a viewer and a fan of his since his days at Channel One, and he makes a point NOT to disclose his views on politics when he is working. Last week he even blogged about this very topic, apparently someone used his name in connection with a candidate for McCain's VP slot. Anyone who knows AC's work knows of his professionalism.

Tonight on 360 we will get another hour full of politics. Ugh. But now that Hillary concedes hopefully the 360 staff will get off of the Presidential politics' bandwagon. I am hopeing that we shall hear some more from Erica about Coop's birthday yeaterday. Dave Gergen mentioned it last night on the program, and Coop seemed embarassed. He has said in the past that he really does not like to make a big deal about his birthday.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Obama. I'm a huge Hillary supporter and I have to say I'm very disappointed that it's over for her. I don't think the media - and just to be clear, I mean CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NYT, and other TV news networks, newspapers, and magazines - has been very fair in their coverage. It is evident that Obama was given a free pass. I will never support Obama....a guy who has minimal experience but gives great speeches. Since I'm an independent I'm going to throw my support to McCain.

Journalist Girl said...

I think a lotta Dems are ( waking up) and giving support to McCain