Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Ok Anderfans, here's the scoop on the newest Coop site! You are now able to view it using Firefox *sigh of relief*

Last nights show was very good. I really needed a good pick-me-upper, and what do you know AC came through!! I think he has to know how us Anderfans love the "mmmm ___" because he's always doing it!!! "MMMM chocolate" which is still my all time favorite inspiration for an image and icon (with "I think I like the naughty chair" running very close behind!!) and who could forget, "mmmm heartburn" or "mmmm spice" I just love the "mmmm
s" and I'm thinking "mmm Anderson...." *puts head down and heads for the naughty chair*

The above image was made by me, feel free to snag it if you want :D


Kelsey said...

Aww, I LOVE the "mmmm"s They make me giggle..lol

Anne said...

My husband who is not that fond of AC one night heard AC say "mmmm bacon" He said, "Hey, he's a Simpson's Fan" Now my husband has a little more respect for him. but he wont admit it.

Rita said...

Anne: haha I can't believe I forgot the 'mmmm bacon'!!!!! Thanks for reminding me about that one!!

Anne said...

Rita, anytime, I am full of useless Anderinfo.