Friday, March 17, 2006

Live with Anderson and Kelly Clips

I hope I got all of these in the right order, I kinda confused myself for a moment.....
I'm still hoping that someone will upload part 1 again. I missed it the 2 times that someone did, bc they had already reached the max number of downloads (dont worry mega doesn't do this) So please be patient with me while I continue to search for them.
Megaupload Links:
Part 1-Intro good, but very large file.
Part 2-Travel Trivia Segment
Part 3-Kelly Says Anderson needs to Dance-Vin Diesel Intro
Part 4-VD Interview
Part 5-Luda Interview
Part 6-Toys (Anderson Being a Bid Kid!)
Part 7-Closing
Part 8-Kelly and Anderson Racing to the Top/Closing


Kelsey said...

*SQUEE!* heehee, thanks a ton!! I think I love you. lol

Kelsey said...

Ok, maybe I'm just being an idiot right now, but how do I download it? I click on the link but I don't know where to go from!

Kelsey said...

Bleh, never mind, I figured it out (btw sorry for triple-commenting) but I have incredibly slow internet, so which ones are the best ones if I can only get a couple?

Rita said...

I liked the entire show, so I can't really decide which ones are the greatest hehe. So I posted a little information about each segment. Oh, and it's perfectly fine that you triple commented!

Rita said...

Kelsey: You can also check out All Things Anderson (there is link on the blog) She blogged a little about the show on her blog. :D

Kelsey said...

Well I go to my dad's house tomorrow, and he has faster internet, so I'll just wait and get them all there! Thanks again!

Briana said...

hey sorry im new to this how do u see the files i had the same problem as kelsey but i still cant find see the video?

briana said...

scratch that im straight i figured it out haha