Thursday, March 30, 2006

Convincing the parentals is a hard task!

Hey everyone! Ok, so I'm sitting here watching my Spurs play, and I decided to talk to my mom about an important issue (well to me at least). So here's how it went down.

Mom, I said, you know how you always said that I should always persue my dreams no matter what obstacles stood in my way? My mother replied "Yes". I then said, "Well, you could help me out with this one dream I have." Hesitantly my mother said, "..and what dream would that be?" Giggling, I said, "Well you could send me to New York during June, preferablly from the 5th through at least the 7th." She just kinda laughed at me. Then she noticed I was serious. So she continued, "what dream could you possibly have in New York?!"

I then said "Well...there is this certain event happening at Barnes and Nobles, and well the possiblity of this author coming anywhere near Plainview, mom is well...slim to none, and I'd really like to get this author to sign a book."

My mom knows me way too well, she said "Is this certain author ANDERSON COOPER?!" (teasingly) She then said, "well, keep on dreaming. If you start walking you may be able to make it!" So my first attempt was a failure, so I said to myself, I'll just ask Daddy!

So my dad walks into the room, and I said "DADDY!!!" He immediatley said "no" I was like DE....NIED! I continued with "but it would be the best birthday present I could ever get!!! I just want to take a trip!!!" They just continued to laugh at me, they just dont understand the affect Anderson Cooper has on certain individuals like myself...

So now my dreams are shattered on the floor....ok that was just a little over dramatic lol. All hope is NOT lost! Maybe I can convince them to just let me go on my own, if I can pay my own way!!! *Crosses fingers*


phebe said...

There is a group from Funhouse going. Maybe if your parents knew that you were with older,more mature fans that would convince them. Just don't let them read our blogs, we're worse fangirls than any college age women.

Gracie said...

Rita, I would so love to see Anderson, but the closest he's coming to MI is Chicago. If I can swing the money I might try to go. But meeting Andy would really complete the Summer.

P.S. Thanks for putting all those Anderclips up my CD burner has really been burning lately.

Kelsey said...

Well you have better chances than I do considering I live in f'in WALLA WALLA WASHINGTON! rawr...

AnderFan2006 said...

LOL @ WALLA WALLA(that's such a fun name to say)

I guess I win with Ninety Six, South Carolina. LOL

I'd love to meet him myself as well.

I have ARRIVED at Blogspot/Blogger Ritah :D

lol. omg..ppl's. lol whooo

me and you should start an community on LJ. hahahaha(I so have evil planned) idk y

Rita said...

I dont know about that Anderfan....PLAINVIEW, TX....the name says it all!