Tuesday, March 14, 2006

AC Vid Download Links!!!!

Hey everyone, since many of you are requesting these clips, I have uploaded some onto Megaupload.com for you all to download!!!! I will be uploading more clips (the newer clips will be toward the bottom of the list), so please check back!!!!

***(They will open in a new window)***

Anderson Emails the President
Gloria Sings To AC
Anderson's 2003 Bday Segment
Anderson's 2004 Bday Segment
Anderson's 2005 Bday Segment w/ Erica Hill
AC Commerical
AC Commercial 2
ACs Jeopardy Pre Show Interview
"The Current" Segment
Anderson's Goodfellas Impression
AC Doll Segment from ABC
Anderson's Whip
Sleep Clinic Segment
Anderson's Happy Dance
Anderson's FunHouse
Memories of Me Segement
Celebrity Reality Segment
Wine Pouring Game from the Mole (season 2 I believe)
Erica Stumbles, Anderson Teases
Erica Stumblage Loop (good Andermoment)
Erica's Blackout (good Anderlaughs)

CREDIT: Good folks at Anderloads, somehow I've lost my list of who exactly uploaded which individual file, I think it went out with my organic chem stuff that I got frustrated with...anywho, check out Anderloads for more great Andergoodies!


Andy's Grace said...

Thank you so much for putting these up. I hadn't seen some of them so I enjoyed watching them. What can I say it's Anderson.

WLC said...

Wow~Thanks a lot! I have looked for the b day series videos for long long time. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Having trouble viewing the clips. Any tips or suggestions?

Rita said...


Are the files just not downloading or not showing after you have downloaded them? I'm still trying to figure out a better way to share these.

Anonymous said...


I click on the link, let the other site open up, and all I get is crap advertisement, and no showing of videos. What specifically do I need to do?

Anon Y. Mous

Rita said...

hmm, does it take you to a page that says: Megaupload is brought to you by....with an arrow pointing down? If so there is a link in the right hand corner of the screen that says "Continue to Megaupload. Then it will make you wait a couple of seconds, then there is a box that says Click To Download. Hope this helps you out.

Anonymous said...

I am also having trouble with the link. I get to the page, download then get a message saying link is expired or inaccurate or that the filter cannot be read. (NO CLUE on that one.) Would love to see these clips.

Rita said...

is it all of them? or just some? they download for me. Please send me a message with the files that wont open for you. if they are small I may be able to just send them to your inbox. :D