Friday, March 24, 2006

Tonight's 360, Cooper Wall of Fame, and My Own

Hey gang! Well today has been a pretty good day, pretty easy.

Tonight's 360:
Your tax dollars used to build a jail that sits empty. Other jails are so overcrowded criminals are being let go. Where it's happening. Tune in at 10 p.m. ET. BTW, I will be unable to watch the show tonight, so make sure to keep me posted if anything exciting happens!!

Well today's Anderthought was sparked by Codeh. I was tellin him about my new project in my bedroom, my San Antonio Spurs wall to go with my Movie Poster wall. Teasingly, yet seriously, he proposed that I should start a Coop wall...The "Coop Wall of Fame"...I laughed, thinking about how my parents would think I'm way crazier than I already am with my love for AC. I mean, if Coop were to put out more picture in magazines, and start a poster project...sure it would be a huge help, but to have to print out all the pictures of that is just costly! I mean, sheesh I have sooo many pictures, but not enough paper and ink lol. Hmm, but if I were to do that...I could always convince MTV to make an exception to the MY OWN themes, why have my own pop star, when I could have my own Anderson Cooper?!

Here are two colages for you to enjoy!

Both made by Me

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