Monday, March 27, 2006

New Anderfan Site!!!!

There is a new Anderson fansite opening today that has something for every Anderfan. There are CNN/Anderson related crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles of your favorite anchor, quizzes, a snarky eight ball and so much more. This site has forums for chatting about everything from current news events to celebrity gossip and of course the occasional mention of Mr. Cooper! There are links to blogs (add yours, if you have one) video clips and AC pictures galore. Anderson's Funhouse also has a monthly calendar, maintained by the master researcher Quitman, to keep us up to date on all Anderson's scheduled appearances. It even tracks those haircuts that we all love to hate! All this and so much more. Did I mention the best part, besides the fact that it is dedicated to Anderson Cooper? It's free! So come and join in the fun, don't be shy, we want to get to know you. Thanks to Phebe for lending me her blog entry ;)

Link to Anderson's Funhouse:
(this link is also located in the link section to the right!!!) So what are you waiting for, check it out! BTW, I recommend that you use IE as your browser, I dont think it's firefox friendly, because I couldn't view anything while using it.


dancing_nancy said...

It's not firefox friendly? Is that why I only see html codes? what browser are you using to see it?

Rita said...


Yes, that is the reason you are seeing the html codes.