Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Talk About Things

Although many of us are tired of all the talk about politics, I was kind of into it tonight. Did you catch Anderson's comment, "that's what we do on cable television, we talk about things!" I loved it! I also liked the mix of contributors tonight, neither side was overly weighted for one candidate or the other. I didn't mind Lanny Davis, but I noticed many others did. Paul Begala is good. He is a Clinton supporter, but doesn't seem to annoy people. Maybe it's the way he injects humor into his commentary that helps.

One thing I don't understand on the election, why does John King keep splitting the West Virginia vote 65/35? Obama doesn't have 35, he only has 29! I'm so confused.

Now for those of you who are ready for a new challenge, here's a new puzzle. http://www.jigzone.com/puzzles/83139D0E588?m=D025092D44.71181A2&z=6

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