Tuesday, May 27, 2008

fun with an Anderphoto!

Here is an Ander-image from last night's show. I used Imagechef to add the graphics. Go to http://www.imagechef.com/. I added the graphics and the text to the image.

So , why is the famous Mr Cooper still wearing the silver ties? Note that again he wore a tie that matches his hair.
Last night's 360 was pretty good, in spite of the lead story being one of more Billary Clinton antics. " Is there a "conspiracy theory" against the fair Clintons? Hmm, I will risk showing my age to say that this is a familiar Clinton refrain. It seems to me that when the stuff is hitting the floor for Billary, they cry " CONSPIRACY THEORY!"Sorry, Billary, I don't buy that drivel.
It seems that the Republican nominee-in-waiting has a pastor problem all his own. However, I do not think that McCain's ties to Hagee are nowhere near as damaging as Barack Obama's ties to J. Wright. Obama still has the pastoral albatross hanging around his head. McCain's association with Hagee is one of a political notion. McCain pointed out that he was and is NOT a member of the church where Hagee preaches.
My thoughts and prayers are for those who were affected by the horrible storms in the Midwest. Wow.

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