Friday, May 16, 2008

My apologies....

Hey everyone, first off, my apologies for neglecting the blog; to Chris and Mac a huge thank you for keeping it up and running! I've just been so busy with "school" (I'm working as a substitute teacher, for the remaining school days) as well as a few days at my other job, and then these past few weeks have been busy with doctor visists and staying anxious about my results (nothing too major, finally decided to go back to my orthopedic surgeon), and to top it all of it's the playoffs. My Spurs are facing the New Orleans Hornets in the western conference semi-finals and it's do or die for both teams-winner takes all in a highly anticipated game 7 down in NOLA...the pressure is on and hopefully my spurs can pull the win on the road (something no western conference team has done throughout the semis)

Anywho, I plan to make some wallpapers to make up for my absence, so keep checking back :)

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Journalist Girl said...

Rita....I enjoy posting to this blog when I have the time. It is fun.

I have yet to be attacked for my political bbeliefs here. ( crosses fingers)