Friday, May 09, 2008

Mother's Day Sunday

A down-in-the-dumps Friday was bad enough, but then it got worse; no Anderson on AC360. I wonder if he's on his way to Burma, spring allergies got the best of him, or he's spending the weekend celebrating Mother's day with his mom. Maybe I should try and look on the bright side, at least now I can get some extra work done around the house. If I don't get my gardening done now when the weather is nice and cool, I'll never get it done once it's humid and unbearably hot. Frankly though, I'd rather watch Anderson.

For all of you out there lucky enough to be moms, I hope you are having a very Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy your babies, whether they be young or old, small or full grown. To a mom, her children will always be their babies; whether we like it or not!

I hope Anderson and his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt are having a nice day together. We thank her for sharing her son with us. He has brought a great deal into our lives and brightens our days considerably. We thank her for having two great sons and for sharing one of them with us.

All of us, moms or not, can use a little eye candy; so here's a puzzle. I will have to postpone the picture of the week since Photobucket is not letting me in. They recommended we change our password and now I can't access my account. I will post it as soon as possible.

Happy Mother's Day

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