Thursday, May 22, 2008

lunchtime treat & review

Here is something YUMMY for all Cooper fans. I pulled it from another Cooper fan group to which I belong. I have tried, but I can NEVER Get good screencaps of anything. The best screencap I've taken of Cooper happened to be with my phone's camera.

What is it with him and his silver tie(s) lately? Not that I am complaining, but his ties seem to be following a monochromatic theme lately. Haha.
The screencap was from his stint on yesterday's " The View" Since I do not watch hat show, I missed his segment. I'd never watch that show anyway, as Barbara Walters and Joy Behar annoy me. Joy Behar's voice reminds me of chalk( yes I am that old, m'kay) on a blackboard. " "The View" is horribly skewed to the left, even with Elisabeth Hassleback's presence on the show.
The rare look into the FLDS school was interesting. Is it just me or is every FLDS member go by the last name Jessop? And the fact that they are so loyal to that wacko Warren Jeffs, their so-called " prophet" is scary. I feel sorry for those people, as they are truly brainwashed.
Moving along to another topic: the live blog. It annoys the crap out of me. Some of the posters stay on topic and post intelligent comments relating to the stories on 360 but others just post stupid, meaningless drivel which I am surprised the moderators let by. Ugh. If you wanna know of which I speak, go to and check out last night's " Live Blog from the Anchor Desk". It seems to me that most of the " regulars" have nothing relevent to say at all.
Topic number three: not ALL politics. FINALLY! Last night's show was pretty well-blanced. Of course they led off with political stuff but then we got a nice balance of other material.
I miss the " What were they Thinking" segments. Whatever happened to those, they were some of the best moments on the show.


Anonymous said...

I am really p...ed off with the live blog,to be honest.

When it first started,it was fine,lately,all it is a fan club of saying how nice Anderson or his ties look,or everyone saying hi or goodnight to each other.

The moderators,and I use that term loosely,must be asleep during the broadcast,for all that crap they let through!

God forbid,anyone would ask a legitimate question there.
And the same names keep turning up every night,especially the Megan twins-who act like they work for or know Anderson personally or something!

No wonder Anderson does not post much anymore!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, anon 8:11 The Megan twins are annoying.

Anonymous said...

I gave up posting on the blog. It seems like the same people keep getting their comments matter how irrelevant or ridiculous their comments are.

Anonymous said...

I watch the webcam during the show and the reason doesn't Live Blog Anon is because he is working on the show. He's editing copy, reading the news wires and watching the monitor for his next start up. He has even said he will blog if and when he has time on the show.

But I do agree that the Live Blog Mods seem to be asleep at the wheel. There are a number of live bloggers who seem to be favorites and always get posted all the time. Personally I prefer to post on the regular blog because I can say more and my voice is still heard.