Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Great 360

I'm looking forward to AC360 even more than usual. Apparently, there is a big brouhaha over some comments made by Pres. Bush in Israel against Barach Obama. I didn't leave it on long enough to find out what was going on. I'll wait until Anderson covers it.

So, did you all like last night's AC360 as much as I did? Being a Hillary supporter, I obviously enjoyed the segment airing her interview with Wolf Blitzer. The part where Wolf asked her about Chelsea was especially moving. She clearly loves her daughter deeply and vice versa. I totally forgot how long Wolf Blitzer has known the Clintons. I believe he was White House correspondent during the Clinton administration. He has literally watched her grow up. Perhaps that is why he got the interview as opposed to Anderson or anyone else at CNN.

The images from China's earthquake were very disturbing. In particular, the one with the little girl who had just been rescued. You could see in the photo that she was crying and reading her lips, she was calling out for her 'mama". It broke my heart! What made it even more emotional is the fact that after thinking about it, you realize her mama may be gone. Her whole family could have been killed in the quake. How many more will die in the aftermath? Elderly men and women who need to take medication on a daily basis will succumb to their heart conditions or diabetes. Lack of clean water will also contribute to the worsening situation. They need our prayers and the aid organizations need our money. For a list of organizations, follow the link:

Finally, the scorn Anderson felt for the guy who was selling the Obama 08 T-shirts was palpable. The look on his face told it all. I'm not posting his name because honestly, I just don't remember it.

A few yummy screen caps from days gone by. May 1 to be exact. I couldn't decide which I liked better, so I posted both. Have a great evening.

screen caps courtesy of Sahira, merci beaucoup
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