Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Guess who's on the blog!

I made it onto the 360 blog today! Whohoo! That made me smile, I haven't posted to AC's blog in a while, and I finally decided to and what to do you know! lol I also got my Season 2 of House in the mail today! Yay!! I'm watching one episode before band, then I'm on a House marathon while cleaning my room haha.


AndysGirl said...

Hey Rita - congratulations for making the blog. It just makes my day when I make the cut so to speak!

I just hope this doesn't put him in harm's way anymore than he already is. Everybody in the Anderworld, on your knees tonight; we need all the prayers and heavenly help we can get. I so wish he weren't going out of the country; hopefully his plans have changed.

Enjoy your House marathon. I saw it for the first time the other night, it's pretty good.

Rita said...

Andysgirl: Thanks, I'm enjoying it! Dang lab is going to interrupt it though :| lol Hopefully I'll catch 360 tonight