Sunday, September 17, 2006


Hey hey everyone!! Well I'm back in Texas now, and let me tell you, my trip was nothing like I expected! Well technically I didn't know what to expect on this trip! We did alot of plant identification (yawn) and we did some water research which was interesting! I did get some GREAT pictures to add to my photography portfolio!

Here are the links to my newest photographs!
"New Mexico"
"New Mexico 2"
"New Mexico 3"
"New Mexico 4"
"White Sands"
"White Sands 2"
"White Sands 3"
"White Sands 4"
"Can You Find My Little Friend?!"
"Prairie Rattlesnake"


AndysGirl said...

Hey Rita - those are beautiful pictures. I especially liked the sand photos, I'm tempted to ask you if I could steal one. It would make a great background for an Anderson wallpaper. If you take requests, I love to see a wallpaper with the sand as background. Also, what's the story behind "finding my little friend"?

You are a very good photographer Miss Rita!! Thanks for sharing.

Rita said...

Andysgirl: Thanks, I'm glad you like my work! The story behind "can you find my little friend" is while at White Sands I was looking for reptiles (after the school work we had to do) and I was getting really disappointed because I couldn't find any, especially the Bleached Earless Lizard!So on the way back to the van my friend was telling me how she was sorry I didn't find my lizard, and all of sudden she said "RITA! A lizard!" and jumps behind me. So there I am trying to sneak up on this lizard and he keeps running away, and there goes Rita following right after it! I couldn't get as close as I wanted to so I was just hoping my camera would get him! You can see his shadow in the picture and if you look close you'll be able to see him. He blends in very nicely, a good adaptation he has!