Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I find it amazing that....

Mother crocodiles are so protective of their hatchlings. It's just so awe inspiring how one of the most prehistoric, top of the food chain, animals can be so loving toward their young. Before hatching, the babies will send out a high pitch sound that the mother will recognize-a signal for help.Baby crocodiles hatch on their own, using a bony stub located on their snout; but did you know that if a hatchling is having trouble getting out that she will pick up the egg, and gently roll it between her tounge and the roof of her mouth, cracking the egg allowing the baby to get out? It's not unsual that the male crocodile will also be around to help out.

Also, once her babies have hatched, the mother crocodile will scoop them up into her mouth in order to protect them from certain animals that pose a threat to them; such as other crocodiles, larger lizards, and birds of prey, even large fish. The mother crocodile will devote all her energy to protect her young. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!

Once all her young are safe in her mouth, she returns to the water to allow them to get used to the water, using her mouth as a "kiddy pool" so to speak. I also find it amazing how the mother crocodile will lash out at any creature posing a threat to her young. How amazing is it that the mother will watch after her babies for months? Wow, what can I say, these creatures are just magnificent!

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