Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Ok, so I was rummaging through my old closet (now my sisters) and I found some interesting stuff from my teen age years! First I found a letter to Steve Irwin that I never sent dated December 27, 2000. I also found my "Crocodile Hunter" playing cards (and ALL of them are there!!) as well as my old Australia Zoo Shirt that I wore in a fashion show back in my 4-H years and a "Crocodile Hunter" keychain. Funny how stuff turns out isn't it? Now if only I could find my Crocodile Hunter game I got one time for Christmas, I know it's around this house somewhere!

"I would just like to say thank you for "opening my eyes" and showing me how important conservation is. I always knew conservation was important, but now I want to HELP conserve all flora and fauna. From the harmless little grasshopper to the highly venomous Fierce Snake; I want and will go to any length to help them."

I thought I'd share just a little of the letter :)


Briana said...

aww i think thats great and I totally agree...I aslo would like to know where u can get that stuff haha is there a croc hunter website?>?>?

Rita said...

Heck yes there is! haha

Right now ppl are selling stuff on ebay but they're in it for money; amazon has some dvds i believe.