Monday, September 25, 2006


I found an article that made me hate Peta even more (concerning Steve Irwin {RIP MATE}) and as hard as it has been NOT to let it get to me, I finally gave in and wrote PETA with a little taste of my frustration against them.

My letter to PETA

First of all your organization HAS NO RIGHT to bash a man after his death! If you were so against Steve Irwin why didn't you come out and say everything you're organization is saying while he was alive?! As far as I'm concerned this cowardly act is horrible, and reflects poorly on your organization.

Do your research before you start speculating on the life of Steve Irwin and his role in wildlife conservation. He SAVED those animals from human threat and also to reduce their encounter with humans as to not harm human life.

As far as his daily routines that he performed at his zoo, they were not for "entertainment purposes"! He was simulating a natural environment for the crocodile to maintain his hunting and not just grow comfortable with a human throwing food into their enclosures!

Steve saved one crocodile that was being housed in a concrete enclosure, the crocodile NEVER knew the touch of dirt, never hunted on its own, never had a chance to thrive in the wild, yet Steve took him from the enclosure and took him in!!!

Steve educated the world on wildlife conservation through his passion and brought these animals into our lives in order to show us their beauty, and taught us how to respect them. He DIDN'T TARGET YOUNG CHILDREN AND SCARE THEM FROM VARIOUS THINGS SUCH AS MILK (which is very important in a young child's development!) IN ORDER TO SAVE ANIMALS!

Steve also bought tons of land in Australia that was facing destruction in order to conserve the native flora and fauna!

Steve was as very humble man, never once wanted just to be in the spotlight. He spent more money on buying land than advertisement. He was around wildlife when he was a child and was saving wildlife at a very young age. He never once sat at desk talking about doing great things for wildlife; he was OUT THERE DOING IT! As far as celebrities getting into the spotlight of wildlife conservation, I do believe many of the people you encourage on your website are doing just that! They aren't actually out there doing anything to help our world's wildlife!!

Steve has done more for the environment than your organization will ever do! Why not spend more money on actually getting out there and making a difference than promotional bliss?!

I have learned more about wildlife conservation through Steve Irwin and RESPECT what he did, that's more than I can say for your organization. I have learned that your organization often contradicts themselves, especially on your idea of "companion animals" for someone that believes in total animal liberation, having contests of the cutest companion animals sent in by your members seems hypocritical.

You have lost members through your attempts to belittle a great wildlife conservationist! And for that I am grateful, your organization has digressed from its core belief against animal cruelty (the only thing your organization and I agree on), and I for one will never support your organization and will continue to expose your organization for what it truly is!
After sending my email to PETA, I received an automated respose thanking me for my input, THEN I got another automated response titled: Steve Irwin (automated reply from PETA)

Here is their reply:

NOTE: This is an automatic reply based on certain words in your e-mail to PETA. Due to the large volume of mail that we receive, we are unable to respond to each e-mail personally, so we hope you will forgive this form letter, and expect that this reply will cover the most pressing questions and concerns you may have. We read all mail and will respond separately to concerns not addressed by this reply.

Thank you for contacting PETA.

Please allow us to clarify the misinformation that is currently circulating in the media: The death of Steve Irwin is truly sad, and we at PETA have sympathy for his family during this difficult time. What we have said is that Irwin was not a good friend to animals, and he often did more harm than good.

It was not our intention to be disrespectful by speaking out at this time. However, one of PETA's aims is to raise awareness of how animals suffer when people use them for entertainment (url deleted see note below). Because the media is glorifying and misrepresenting the way Irwin interacted with animals, it's vital that we set the record straight right now, while this story is still in the news. When we were asked, PETA found it necessary to speak frankly about how, in the name of entertainment, animals were often mistreated by Irwin during his career, so it would be disingenuous
for us to say otherwise following his death.

Irwin's television program typically involved invading animals' natural environments to agitate, harass, harangue, upset, and disturb them. He also subjected animals to the stress of public appearances and television shows, where they could not understand what was going on. It's important to keep in mind that when wild animals appear on television shows or are used in photo ops, they are typically being forced into frightening, loud, and stressful situations for no reason other than to bring publicity to an animal trainer or handler.

Although Irwin's verbal message of animal conservation was often on target, his actions spoke louder than his words. He undoubtedly encouraged others to keep wild animals as pets and to mishandle and harass animals in the wild. Others, including world renowned marine explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau, agree that his tactics were more interfering than educational...

Note: I refuse to post the links in the email sending you to the peta website


Anonymous said...

Well said Rita, it's about time PETA was put in their place. I belong to a few wildlife and other environmental groups and follow many others. PETA isn't one of them.

Great post!

Rita said...

Anon: Thanks for your comment. It IS TIME for Peta to put in their place and its TIME for the people around the world to know what they are giving their money to. Yes it looks good as a tax exemption, but let's get real!

I have changed one of my friends perspective on Peta and I was so happy! Now if I can reach a handful of people who can turn around and reach another handful of people, it would be amazing!