Monday, April 16, 2007

Massacre at Virginia Tech

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those who were affected by the shootings at Virginia Tech. At the beginning of AC 360 tonight, John King announced that Anderson is on his way back from Afghanistan. I hope he will be covering this tragedy; he has a gentle and empathetic way with people who are hurting. His presence is needed on that campus right now and it will add to the talent already reporting on this tragic event.

Many of us became familiar with Anderson's reporting through heartbreaking events such as the tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. This is the type of reporting that allows Anderson to shine. This is where we see what a truly kind hearted soul he is. I always hated when reporters would go up to people in pain and shove a microphone in front of them asking how they feel. Anderson never intrudes; he seems to let people seek him out. If they want to share their feelings, their story; he is there to listen.

Anderson is the silver lining in the cloud of tragedy. Thank God for sending him to us.

Safe trip home to Anderson and everyone say a prayer tonight for those families grieving tonight and a quick recovery for the injured.

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Rita said...

Very well written!