Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eww, rats!

It was a great 360 last night; we haven't had the opportunity to call in for a long time. I hope they do it more often. I won't comment on Imus, as I've never seen or heard his program.

Yay, another seamanship video which made Anderson smile; always a good thing. I was totally freaked out by the rats! Ewww!I think I was making the same faces as Anderson, in between closing my eyes that is. I'm sorry, but rats just gross me out!! Boggles the mind why the resturant doesn't just get a cat to move in.

Screencap courtesy of Sahira, merci!

Now some Anderbeauty; this is from the Sweet Jesus segment when he was talking about the chocolate sculpture of Jesus. Although, I think Sweet Jesus could also be used most appropriately when describing this photo. Take a look!

Screencap courtesy of Sahira, merci beaucoup.

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Rita said...

very very nice!!! Thanks for brightening up my day...sheesh 2 tests this afternoon...eeeek!