Tuesday, April 10, 2007

AC 360 Daily Podcast!

Hey everyone, so I'm taking a break from studying and decided to check out the CNN website to see some of the headlines. Of course I had to check out the AC360 homepage as well, and well I bet you can guess what I discovered!! You can check out high-speed highlights from 360 as a podcast! So whether or not you have an ipod, you can still check it out by downloading the Itunes software.

For more information you can check it out HERE

New to podcasting? CNN has given a link so you can do your homework! Click here to read about podcastings

Hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday!!

Here's a new wallpaper for you all to enjoy...it kinda looks like his head is floating...but if I had to have a floating head at least it's Anderson....right?

1 comment:

AndysGirl said...

Thanks Rita for the podcast info. I'm a total illiterate when it comes to podcasts. Hopefully i'll figure it out before they discontinue them!

Thanks for the Anderpicture too. Yummy!