Monday, May 07, 2007

Cute, funny, and deliciously yummy!

Anderson blogged today about the Shot on Friday, where he happen to mention that the puppy would like his friend, the duck, even more when she was slaughtered for food. If you are horrified, fear not, Erica voiced your shock. Anderson sweetly apologized to the duck on the blog. How can you not love a man who is a star and humbles himself to cater to our sensibilities?

He also mentioned the state dinner for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of Britain, who has been in America since last week and attended the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. To read more about the Queen and the entire blog, follow the link:

One of my favorite parts of the run for the roses is the parade of hats. There are so many pretty ones, I can't pick a favorite. Although, I do prefer the more elegant and classy ones rather than those with horses on them. To see more, follow this link:

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