Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No Name Night

Tonight's AC 360 was the night of no names. One was he that I don't want to name and the other was the she Anderson wouldn't name. So there's nothing left but some great screen caps. Enjoy!
screen caps courtesy of Sahira, merci beaucoup


Delie said...

"No name night" and a no name shirt! No seriously, I like this shirt. There are nice "tablecloth" shirts in the Thomas Pink collection.

Oh mon dieu! Do I have really nothing else to say about yesterday's show? Did I was "Stonnnned"?

Anonymous said...

AHA - the mystery is solved, it's from the Thomas Pink summer collection

Chris said...

thanks Delie for the info. I am hopelessly uninformed on men's fashions so I appreciate the info. All I know is I like the way he looks in his clothes; and out of them too, probably!

Off I go to the naughty chair!