Thursday, May 03, 2007

Got one!

Last night's AC 360 touched on a wide variety of subjects, from Imus's contract to Brittney Spears trying to make a comeback, from rubber bullets at the Immigration rally in LA, polar bears in the Arctic, to a biography on Condoleezza Rice. Typical for me, I liked the lighthearted moments the best.

First, Anderson & Erica on Brittney's comeback:
Cooper: "Look, she -- you know, she hasn't had time to be writing new songs. Stuff's going on in her life.
HILL: OK. I mean, sure, it's material she knew well. And she has been busy. You're right. I'm just saying.
COOPER: She's trying to make a comeback. I think everyone should be supportive.
HILL: We wish her all the best.

Yay Anderson! Just when we thought we couldn't find anything more to love about him, he gave us two more last night. One was when he said that the estimate was low for what mothers would be paid if they received a pay check for all the jobs they do. *pause for awww!* Second, was his statement on being supportive of Brittney. I thought that was sweet.

Now for the chuckle of the night, cockroches! Yes, you heard it right, cockroaches. Erica reported that the Houston Museum of Natural Science says it will pay 25 cents for each live cockroach a person brings in. "Ewww", I say. "gross!" said Anderson. The chuckle came at the end of the segment when Anderson could be heard saying, "got one!" as he smacked the desk, pretending he got a cockroach. Or at least I hope he was pretending.

Okay, I admit I'm not the hardest person to please in his audience. I even got you a screen cap. Now if I were a more talented blogger, you would have a clickable thumbnail so you could see the fullsize version. However, since I couldn't master it, a scaled down version will have to do. Take a look!

Screen caps courtesy of Sahira,merci beaucoup

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