Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday in the Anderworld

Tuesday's show
Al Gore talks global climate change with Larry King, then at 10 p.m. ET, it could cause lower Manhattan to disappear. Watch a "360?" special report, "Planet in Peril."

I'm sure by now you all know that Anderson's book, "Dispatches From The Edge: A MEMOIR OF WAR, DISASTERS, AND SURVIVAL" has been released in paperback. A special edition with a DVD is available at Hudson Booksellers. If you haven't purchased this yet, grab the kids, grab the car keys, grab your wallet, and rush out and get it. The DVD is amazing and you'll want to watch it over and over, not to mention listening to Anderson! Sorry, but I never tire of his voice. If he ever tires of traveling, he could make a living recording books on tape. He would sound good reciting the phone book. By the way, there is a little surprise on there that I never expected. You can always count on Anderson for a surprise and a smile. Merci Anderson!


granny said...

I bought the hard back the first week it was out and I will certainly buy the paper back to get the latest insert.
He has to be the best newscaster on TV

Rita said...

Too bad I've never even heard of Hudson Booksellers....i'm so isolated in this little west texas town....*sigh*

Chris said...

@granny - you won't be sorry. That DVD is fantastic. It's kind of like the reporter's version of a "greatest hits album"

@Rita - join the club; I never heard of them either and our airport is so small it doesn't have any stores or shops. Luckily, a sweet friend got it for me.