Monday, May 14, 2007

Lazy Sunday

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Congratulations to all who were lucky enough to attend the book signing for Anderson's paperback edition of Dispatches from the Edge. Everyone I talked to had a great time and Anderson treated them all with kindness, respect and charm that we all know he is capable of. It is not surprising that he didn't disappoint. The ironic part is that some of his fans don't find it in their heart to emulate his gentlemanly behavior.

Now to hold us over until tomorrow's AC 360, a trip down memory lane has produced some lovely pictures. Enjoy!

Screen caps courtesy Sahira, merci beaucoup


delie said...

Aww... That smile... The other smile... And the blue shirt! Thanks Chris!

I was one of lucky one of the NYC book signing: he is definitely charming and very kind with every one.

Chris said...

Glad you liked the smiles and the shirt. I'm sure they were both even better in person.

If you ever want to share your fairy tale encounter with the handsome prince, you are always welcome to share it with us here.

Congratulations; you are one lucky maiden!