Friday, May 18, 2007

Anderson Blogs from Atlanta

Anderson blogged from Atlanta. He is down there for book signings due to the release of the paperback version of Dispatches from the Edge. One of the reports scheduled for tonight's program is the stoning of a 17 year old Iraqi girl. Her crime - falling in love. This story will break your heart. For more on this and to read the entire blog, follow the link:

I now need to beg your forgiveness for the lack of posts and pictures the last couple of days. Unfortunately, Bloggers new format of autosaving your posts isn't all it's cracked up to be. When I went back to access my auto saved draft, it wasn't there. I'm sure it was the scream that could be heard in Paris and beyond. My long blog about the great AC 360 on Wednesday, Tony Blair's farewell meeting with Bush, Anderson's interview with President Clinton and pics from Anderson's quiz all gone. Oh well, have to try again. Wish me luck! Caps are from last night's program.

screen caps courtesy of Sahira, merci beaucoup


Delie said...

Ah! So that was you!!!That scream in the night!
You don't have to "beg" for our forgivness. Running a blog takes so much time and technology can sometimes drive you crazy. I'm sorry you lost a long post. It sometimes happens to me in my daily job of web editor and publisher. And, then, you can hear me screaming in all Paris too!

You do a great job with this blog.

Rita said...

No apology needed!! You have been AMAZING, I mean let's face it you've pretty much been running it for me, and for that I am trully greatful (going through some stuff and haven't really been able to...i may talk about it in an entry haven't decided yet) so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Chris said...

Not to sound like a mutual admiration society, but no thanks needed. I mean looking through dozens of pictures of Anderson and then deciding which ones to post and then looking at them again to make sure they still look good! The pleasure is all mine! And I do mean pleasure! hehe

Now, if I could only see him in person. (do ya think I'd recognize him?)

Happy Sunday everyone!