Monday, October 30, 2006

Tonight's 360 10/30/06

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Well Anderfans, it's been a LONG journey down Anderwithdrawal lane. I'm so thankful for all the other great Anderson related blogs out there that have helped me and so many other fans out! Let's not forget Anderson will be co-hosting "Live with Anderson and Kelly" on November 3rd!

Thanks to All Things Anderson for the Anderpicture!

Since we're on the subject of withdrawal, let's talk about my House withdrawal! It's been a month since I've gotten to see House! I thought to myself, well through the month of October I can just rewatch seasons 1 and 2, but then I remember I let a friend borrow them so she could get caught up. I mean it was the least I could do after getting her hooked on the show! BUT I only have ONE more day and House is BACK! Yay!! So to any House fans out there that suffered along with me, don't forget House has a new time on Tuesday 8 pm for us central timers, and 9 pm for any eastern peeps!!

Also, I'm so excited that basketball season is starting up again! I've missed my boys like CRAZY!! The Spurs will take on the Mavs in Dallas as their season opener on the 2nd! The Spurs ended their preseason against the Mavs with a 100-79 win! Watch out people the Spurs are back looking for revenge and getting that Championship Trophy back in San Antone!

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sydney said...

Did you catch any of the House marathon on USA yesterday? That's how I overcame my House withdrawal. Thank goodness baseball season is over.

I've just realized I have a conflict - Anderson is back AND the Pats are on...guess I'll be doing some flipping back and forth.