Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Falling apart?

Sheesh I swear I'm falling apart! lol Usually if it's not my knee it's my ankle, but lately it's been my feet. Many of you probably don't know but I have plantar fasciitis. An overuse injury that affects the flexor surface of the foot. When somone is diagnosed with plantar fasciitis the person has inflamed the fascia (the tought firbrous tissue) connecting the heel bone to the base of the toes. Wow, didn't mean to give you a differential diagnosis there folks!

Yay for having to spend money on orthotics. I just hope the new one's work because I really like my basketball shoes that my parents bought and don't want to have to spend even more money on "special shoes". Another, and perhaps the most important reason I hope they work is because my doctor said if they don't there is something else going on and that's when a specialist has to step in. BLAH!

So I've been welcomed into the world of people with jacked up knees (my chondromalacia) and the people with flat feet (my plantar fasciitis), not to mention the people with a jacked up ankle in my case or ankles in other's.

So what keeps me going? My love for the game, and well if Tim Duncan can overcome it, I have to at least try.


Mary Ann said...

Hey, Rita!

You're so young to have such
problems with your feet!

Just in case you need an expert to help you, please see Dr.Schmidt.
He's the Spurs' orthopedic angel
who takes care of their twists,
sprains, and broken bones. Also,
he is about to open a sports medical center next door to the
magnificent training facility of
the Spurs!

Back in 2000, Tim Duncan suffered
a lateral meniscus tear to his left, the same thing to my right knee. Thanks to this great doctor who is about Anderson's age,
size, and good looks, I recovered
with months of physical therapy, but no surgery.

Good luck with your feet!

Rita said...

Mary Ann: Thanks for the advice! That is so an extra incentive, next door to the training facility...every Spurs fans dream! lol

I think my main focus is my plantar problem. My knee is doing amazing with my at home physical therapy, and my ankle (which I injured in high school) hasn't given me any problems except for the minor landing problem I had. I'm just thinking I need a heavier duty brace for it.

Thanks for the well wishes :)