Sunday, October 15, 2006

Picture of the week 10/15/06

Thanks Rachel for the yummy picture!!!


AndysGirl said...

Hey Rita - how ya been? Just wanted to thank you for the yummy pic of the week. He just gets yummier and yummier doesn't he?

Thanks again

MaryAnn said...

Hey, Rita!

Nice picture! We really do need a wall calendar with the best
12 pictures here!

Well, there are 365 dogs/cats
desk calendars, why not one with
365 Anderson Cooper pics??? A 2007
agenda with an AC thumbnail for each would be so nice!

Anderson, if you read this, please let us have this calendar.

Rita said...

Andysgirl: Hey you! I've been doing pretty good, busy as usualy with school, practice, and work. I'm dropping biochem don't really need it, and yeah it's kicking my butt lol. Other than that life is just peachy!!!

And yes, I must agree AC gets yummier by the second...I'm shocked that we haven't all exploded!!

Rita said...


I started the picture of the months back in Feb or March. I will definately try to make at least a calendar due out maybe in January. I'll either just upload the file to a host and you all can download it or think of something else. I will have to take a poll to see which programs that you all have to see if they correspond with the ones that I have that will make a calendar.

sydney said...


I like the way you think! I had the dog calendar, this would be way more fun!