Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tonight on 360

Lottery scams and the games people play to win. Find out why the criminals have better odds than you. Tune in at 10 p.m. ET.

Good Afternoon Anderfolk! Well last night was a trip, I wasn't able to catch the show (once again) Tonight there is a SLIM chance I may be able to. Hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesdays!!

Random personal post:
Cats...*woman shrieks in the background*..... why do they love me so much?!?! Maybe they all know that I can't breathe when they come around so they just want to be evil....no I can't say that about them..lol They are cute, and I wish I could be able to play with them.

Have a "date" with the trainer either today or tomorrow, coach told me I needed to go see him since I could hardly run today; I think it was just the change in the weather that did it today. Maybe it's just my body telling me to stop....I mean I can already see how it's going to go down, he's just going to tell me there isn't anything wrong, and blah blah blah. So is it all in my head? Am I turning into House?! I don't have Vicoden, but hmm maybe someone should give me a placebo...tik-taks will work lol

After spending two weeks in Russia this summer, I've tried to keep up with the headlines surrounding the country. This one caught my eyes, my thoughts are with the family of this reporter: Read Article Here

But on a lighter note I got my Crocodile Hunter buttons in the mail today!! They are just too cute!! Good times, good times!

Anywho, I'm out so I will keep everyone updated.


Gracie said...
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Gracie said...

Rita, 360 was great last night. Snarky Anderson was back talking about fashion challanged world leaders. It was so good to hear the old Anderson back at least for a few minutes.

The new set is wonderful, but does take a few minutes to get use to - I think Anderson is still feeling his way around it. We got sitting, standing, front view, side view and rear view of the Boy Wonder. We were even treated to a quick shot of what he had on the screen of his lap top - it was either AIM or an Email program. Oh and the one foot on the step pose was fantastic.

One thing though Anderson is too thin - he needs to eat and I don't mean power bars and tuna. Hear that AC - OK mom rant over. He did look tanned and gorgeous, pinstripe suit, white shirt and beautiful blue tie.

Bad news though he lost out to Marley and Me for the Quill Award.